Corporate Team Building Tips

One factor that dictates ideal moments of holding teambuilding sessions is the number of intended or willing employees to participate in the exercise. Noteworthy, not all staff members would respond positively to the call for teambuilding. Only a third of the total working population support teamwork: the remaining two-thirds is equally divided between those who are neutral and those who prefer to work alone. Because some individuals would prefer working alone, the rest of the team ought to accommodate their decision without compromising the team’s values or objectives. Therefore, the teambuilding sessions must be held at opportune moments that cater to every staff member’s work preference.

Furthermore, the best moments to hold teambuilding sessions will depend on what the exercise needs to attain. Teambuilding exercises are held for different purposes. When the exercise intends to give the members a quick dose of motivation, indoor activities will suffice. Besides, indoor activities would help inspire staff members after a daylong meeting or an important conference. Outdoor teambuilding exercise, on the other hand, serves a broader function. The activities mainly focus on team development in terms of skills, creativity, and relationship. Therefore, choosing the best moment to hold teambuilding sessions depends on the intended goal of the exercise.

Finally, the best moments to use for team building sessions will depend on the compulsoriness and the reward of the exercise. If the teambuilding event requires all staff members’ attention, it is essential to consider that many people do not like to spend more time doing activities that involve work. Regardless of how fun the exercise might be, most people would not consider it as rewarding, significantly if it interferes with their paid working hours or leaves days. Therefore, the best time to hold teambuilding sessions depends on whether or not the activity is voluntary or compulsory for the staff members.